Club Car Caroche 4 or 5 Solenoids and a Coil What Do They Do?


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Hey guy's brand new to the site, very very helpfull so far. I have an old Club Car Caroche and love the look's of it. Unfortunately the serial number tag has been damaged and I cant read it. It is a 36volt cart and I have 6 new batteries comming for it. It has 4 or 5 solenoids behind the middle battery bank and a coil attached to the solenoids. What does that bank of solenoids and the coil for? Also have no clue how to post pics so n e help would help tremendousley. thanx guy's. Ritch Lapointe Dryden On Canada


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ok I ran into a little problem the green wire goes over and lay's across the forward reverse switch there is two micro switches there the top one has two terminals on it and the bottom one had two but one looks like it is broke off. Any clue if that green wire hooks up to the broken lug on the switch. it comes from the charging terminal so that's what is throwing me.

thanx Ritch


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Welcome to Cartaholics Forum :hattip: glad to see another Club Car Caroche :thumbsup: and if you'd like pics of how the battery bank of mine is I'd be happy to get them for you, and I can try to help but I'm new to golf cart electronics.


welcome to the forum.....i have a 76 that i haven't figured out what im going to do with it yet. yours is in pretty good shape. mine needs some body work on the front, and new batteries but for the most part is in pretty good shape......


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thanx, i was told by the original owner that green wire was added for some reason but never used. I put the batteries in and took it for a spin, wow this thing moves for an old cart. needs an alignment as the left front is a little toed out but all in all I am going to enjoy this cart alot this summer. I also have to fabricate some sort of battery hold down as it didnt come with any.


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I am restoring a Club Car Caroche. I believe it to be a 1974. It only has 4 solenoids and all the other years I seen wiring diagrams of have 5. Am I correct in this? I can't find any serial numbers on the cart.
Also I need a forward/reverse switch for this. I just installed 4 new old stock solenoids and charged the batteries. It goes into reverse, and "tries" to go into forward but just won't go. I know the batteries are pretty old and weak. How would one go about cleaning up the contact on it?


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Is the cab original? I want one. Here's a few pics of ours. Hey we could start the Caroche club. LOL
We cheated and lifted up the body and rolled a Big Blocked DS chassis with high speed gears under it.


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The top is from a DS, I built the uprights out of 1" thin wall square tubing. I built the back uprights around the cooler.
Built the box out of 1/2 inch MDF, still have to rubberize rocker guard it to seal it up, has a small Clarion 100 watt per channel amp and running off a 12v 23AH battery all housed in the box. Have a set of rca's with a 3.5mm headphone jack to hook up to my ipod, sounds pretty good for cheap speakers.


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where are you seeing pictures? mine is under restoration


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