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I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been asked before. I looked for a prior question along this line but couldn't find one. I recently was given a 1995 Club Car Carryall 2 Plus in excellent condition. It has a Kawasaki FE 350 engine that has been well maintained. It is hard to cold crank and easy to crank when it's warmed up. I live in Central Florida, so cold crank isn't what some of you all might be used to...

After it cranks, you have to pump the accelerator to get it to move in either forward or reverse. Once moving, it gets up to 15 mph and sounds great, but it just has REALLY slow pickup. It also has some lag if you slow down and then accelerate again. If I loosen the Pilot Jet, it runs much, much better. The carburetor is clean... I soaked it in cleaner for two hours and then used an ultrasonic cleaner on it also.

Could it possibly have the wrong Pilot Jet on the carburetor? The carb is a Keihin 32300 HE 09 BBKL. It also has B44 and K130 stamped on it. I'm wondering if this is the right carb for the FE 350 or if the Pilot Jet might be starving the engine of gas. The air cleaner is new, and the fuel pump seems to be pumping great. Any ideas?

Also, the fellow who gave it to me said he had just put a couple of thousand in cash into it. Almost everything mechanical is new. Carb, fuel pump, transmission, tires, steering linkage, electrical box, starter and more. When he got it back from the shop, he said it just didn't run right and seemed to get worse. He was so tired of it, he gave it to me. He said that if I didn't get it off his property, he was going to shoot it. Go figure. It looks great... I just need to find the problem with this lag in acceleration. Also, what is the gap on the valves for this engine? I keep finding conflicting numbers on the web.

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7 and 11 intake/exhaust cold is close enough not to have problems. Did you check compression?
Nubs should have better info than me.

Welcome to Cartaholics! Have you ran it on Jack's and partially cover carb opening with hand and see if it runs better? Pumping accelerator does nothing because carb don't have accelerator pump. Also change spark plug. Cheap and easy and they can make a lot of problems.


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Thanks for the welcome and the info. I'll change the plug and see what happens. Thanks for the gap info.