Club Car Cant Build Any RPM New Engine and Carburetor


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I have a 96 Club Car with new parts galore and engine can't build any RPM. Here's what I'm working with.

Brand new Kawasaki FE-290 motor.
Brand new Kawasaki Carburetor.
Brand new drive belt.
All new fuel filters and hoses
New air filter
No rev limiter installed
Govenor disabled
Zip Tie on throttle spring
Adjusted pedal to where engine starts after 3/4 inch
Adjusted throttle cable out of the black box to remove all slack
6" lift 22x11x10 Sod Buster Tires

It runs decent until in a bind or climbing any sort of a hill then it bogs down and loses RPM

Motor was weak and smoking so I replaced it and everything that helps one to run...used original carb but new it was filthy so I replaced it thinking that would help with the engine bogging down...helped some but not much...

What settings or adustments am I missing? Is there a way to make an adjustment that allows the carburetor to be opened more???? It apears that only about half the throttle is being opened. I can reach down a pull the throttle cable with my hand past where it goes using just the pedal.

I am just about at my wits end. I have read as much as I can, replaced everything that I could, I just cant get this thing to build any RPM's. This golf cart should be a hill climbing little bugger. At least better than what it is right now.... :wallbash:


On Club Cars from 84-96 you need to align the clutches. There's a tool for aligning them.
Clutch Alignment Tool
Also is the belt traveling up and down all the way in both clutches like it should?

It sounds like your throttle cable isn't adjusted right either. Make sure the carburetor opens and closes all the way... You can adjust the cable at the black box and there's a screw on the carb for adjustment also...


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Here's an update. I actually did have the throttle adjusted to where when the pedal was on the floor fully depressed and the throttle/butterfly is pretty much wide open.

It just seems like it's starving for fuel. The drive belt is loose enough that it spins untill I get several hundred RPM.

On a flat level surface, it starts to move pretty good, but if sitting still and starting up even a small hill, its hard to get it going. As it sits now, I couldn't even spin a rear tire on wet grass or loose dirt, let alone try and creep over brush or small logs.

Fuel pump looks very old, possibly original....

I replaced the vacuum/pulsar line from the motor to the fuel pump when I installed the new motor, making sure not to leave a loop that will allow oil to block the line


If it's running lean you should be able to tell by looking at the spark plug.
Have you tried running it in maintenance mode? If so how does it run?

I'm leaning toward the clutches not being aligned or a clutch problem.