Club Car Cable Heat Issue


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I have a 1999 Club Car DS, regen II. No OBC, standard 3 HP motor, Standard Curtis controller (looking to upgrade later)
I'd like to make sure heat isn't an issue. Looking at making up my own #4-AWG cables. Need suggestions for the lugs &
Do you have information on cable lengths, plus suggestions for coil and F/R switch replacements?


If you're going to make your own cables welding cable works best. You can get it at any welding supply along with the cables. You can also buy 4 gauge cables from any of the forum sponsors. All Sports sells a nice set.


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Just curious aren’t the region one and two both 48 V carts and don’t all 48 V carts have an obc. Do you have an aftermarket charger also I think GE made the controllers for the region one and two carts. So maybe you have a series cart and it has one of the long Curtis controllers like a 1204 and can be switched to 48 V for a lot more speed .