Club Car Brakes


Here is my How To for brakes on a 1990 Club Car.
First loosen lugnuts up then jack cart up and place on jack first alway's.
Take the wheel off.

Now start by taking the cotter key and pin out of the brake arm on backside of assembly. Set them a side you will reuse everything you take apart except for the (shoes) or something you find wrong with any part.

Look at the top of the assembly and look for the rubber boot if it still has it. If it does take it off and loosen the stud all the way up.

Now look at the shoes to remember which way they go.

Take the two clips loose in the center of the assembly front & back of shoes. Remove the springs and shoes.

Take the two wedges out and clean the housing and both wedges. They just slid out just remember how they came out.
Clean everything good before replacing the wedges.

Now spray the rest of the assembly with brake cleaner and clean everything really good. Notice the sides have scrap markings on them. These area's will have to be lubed on reassembly.

This slider needs to be free to move. I have the arm removed so I could clean it. You need to lube it and reinstall it as it came out. Remember how it goes.
This is what makes the shoes press against the hub to stop the cart. Make sure you have it right or you may not stop at all.

Now after everything is cleaned, relube all the peices and assembly where you see wear. Passing this step will only cause the shoes to wear quicker and may stick on you not letting the shoes return to their proper places when not engaged.

Now just reinstall everything as it should be. This is how they should look after you are done.

Now that this part is done we can move to the shoe adjustments. Remember the stud you backed out under the rubber boot. Turn it until you feel some scrubbing on the hub as you slide it on. Replace the boot and your done.
Now up under the cart at the pedal loosen the brake cables up to make the connections in back. This is done by loosening the 1/2" nut's that hold the brake assembly tight on the threaded rod.
Put the cable back in it's saddle with the c-clip and hook the cable back up to the brake arm with the pin and cotter key. Make sure the arm is set back as far as it will go when doing this. Check the arm movement also pushing it forward and seeing that it returns back when you let go of it. Try turning the hub also. It shouldn't turn. If this is all good then procced.
Move to the cables at the pedal. 1/2" wrench and tighten the nut until you can set the hill brake. Don't over do this are the brakes will scrub and you loose some speed. Do it just enough to keep the cart from rolling.
Now put the wheels back on and try it out on the stands. See how the pedal feels. If OK then set it on the ground and your done. If not adjust the cable under the floor til it feels good to you.

I hope this helps everyone out who needs there brakes redone.
If you have the owner's manual it will help a lot also.
I take no responsablity for any problems you incounter while performing this procedure.


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Perhaps we take the effort to produce this posting for granted, but I must tell you it is a great job and very helpful to any doityourselfer.


I'm going to try and do this for any job I do in the future. I know I will miss something every now and then but for the most part I try.


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Great job Andy!

One tip for ya: Find the Macro button on your camera and use it when you're in real tight on a subject. It will allow the camera to focus better.


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That is a great post, Andy. You went above and beyond.