Club Car Bent Frame The End Has Come for Bristol


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BRISTOL is no longer. Last March while at the race in Bristol, I was messing around and rolled my Club Car BRISTOL. While I could see "some" damage, it wasn't until I removed the body and could see the extent of the serious damage and the bent frame. I was going to just reskin her with a color body that my wife wants, new wheels, tires and seats but with the frame in the shape that it is in, l am going to have to do a complete frame up rebuild :rolleyes:


But the "Heart & Soul" of BRISTOL will remain :D

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It looks like it's twisted pretty bad. How fast were you going when you rolled? You guys are lucky you weren't hurt more seriously than you were.


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OH that sucks, but look at the bright side, you now have a reason to apply all those ideas that have been bouncing around in your head. Good luck with it and remember were always here for moral support. thats all i can give, its a long drive from tx