Club car beeps and brakes itself


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I am storing a used (2003 I think) Club Car that my friend purchased for his kids for Christmas. My daughter and I took it for a test drive this afternoon, rode for 3 blocks, stopped for 10 min, then proceeded to return home. On the ride home, the car beeped several times and seemed to brake itself. I came to a stop, drove another few yards, and it did this again. This repeated at shorter intervals until we finally reached home. The vehicle is stock I believe except that it has a lift kit with large offroad tires. Any ideas? Bad controller, or controller too small? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Grant


Club Car had this problem with early 2003 IQ carts The fix was a drop out harness You may already have the harness but the diode is bad. The Club Car part number for the diode is 102355201 and it plugs into the harness right next to the Run Tow switch. Any Club Car dealer should have it in stock. Cost is about $10.00...