Club Car Battery Life


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We picked up our (just serviced and fully charged, yea right) 06 Club Car with 08 batteries
Thur. afternoon and headed to the camp ground about 40 miles away. After arriving we rode about 45 min. before the light came on.
Before charging I checked water and found most of the cells low to dry, I added water and charged for 12 hrs. The charger had turned off by then.
We then rode about 1 hour before the light came on again.
This cant be normal , can it. Would a 6 volt system have more run time?
All week end there were carts going by with obviously no enough time for a day time charge.
No refunds, but I do have the option to get a different cart

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If the batteries were low/dry that is hard on the batteries and is a good sign that they were never maintained well. They will probably preform better after a few charge cycles. Two hours of actual run time is about average for your cart but can vary depending on terrain etc...