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Hello. Weven have a 48v Club Car, and I would like any help on the right way to wire a few accessories.
We have a kill switch, 48v to 12v converter, and a negative bus fuse block.

We currently have a radio, led light bar with rear lights, 2-12v outlets, and a winch.

We would like to have the light bar, stereo and obviously the winch, on separate on/off switches.

Here is my thoughts for the light bar;
Light bar to switch, relay, then fuse block, then converter, through kill switch.
The radio same way.
The winch through solenoid to separate battery.
Outlets through fuse block.

Not exactly sure about ignition switch or variations with relay and switch.
I have specs for each item if needed.
Also, if the amps, watts, or voltage of led light bar makes any big difference please let me know.

We also have a rooftop solar charger but I am pretty sure it only deals with in electronics.

If anyone has diagrams, suggested relays or switches to use, or any other help, we would greatly appreciate it.


Welcome to the forum.

What year and model is your cart? Does it have four 12 volt or six 8 volt batteries?
If it were my cart I'd probably run everything off of a 48 volt to 12 volt converter. You would have to make sure the converter/reducer has enough power to handle all of your accessories combined.