Club Car 48V


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First time posting here. Hope I get it right.
We have a Club Car not positive about what year it is I am assuming it is a 2000 from what I have read SN is A0032 917093. Is this correct?
The charger we are using seems to be charging but not all the way. I have had it checked out and the charger is fine. It also has been used on a friends and works fine on their CC.
We have checked the batteries and connections and that is also fine.
We think that somehow the charger is not making a correct connection when we plug it into the CC??
Can you suggest anything to try before we bite the bullet?


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What bullet were you planning on biting?

After charging and letting the batteries rest overnight take a voltage reading of each battery and post up the numbers. They should be 8.42v or more (8.49v is considered 100%).
You don't need to disconnect anything to measure voltages.


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is it charging at all? what exactly is it doing or not say not charging all the way? what do you mean by that? is it not shutting off or what..............the more info you can provide the also say batteries are fine have they been tested....load tested.......water levels checked.......................