Check out my 03 cart progress...Pics!


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Just wanted to show you guys my cart build up...It was a blast, still have a few things left to do, but im pleased so far....

What it looked like when i bought it a few months ago...


Added Jakes 6" spindle lift


EMP LR5.4 2-speed switch



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Last time she'll look like this...

Stripped the body, running new harness, and doing a little cleaning...These things can sure hide some dirt!

Putting the dash together, added sony marine radio and sony marine speakers under the drink trays, sounds awesome there by the way...also had to add the battery meter and plate...used black rivits on everything, very clean looking...even used black rivits on the meter gauge plate, the dash, tailights and all...







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Nice cart and a quick change!

You take off a white body to clean the cart and when you put it back on it is black! I must have missed something there in the middle.

Welcome to the forum, and be sure to stop in and post in the BS threads.

What's that round thingamajig on the wind shield in front of the driver? It almost looks like a stick on light.


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COPB, thanks for the compliments, yeah i was going to get mine painted, and lucked into a brand new factory black body still had the protective plastic on it in the box etc...And i got it for $200, which was cheaper than getting someone to paint...And yes that is a stick on light, had it on there when i got it, that was the previous guys, just havent taken it off yet...I added all the factory looking headlights/tailight stuff, just waiting on the factory brake pedal setup to get in, so i can put that on...also have some beadlock chrome caps coming in today for the wheels, at least they will cover the whole wheel on the outside, and look pretty danggood for caps...ill post an updated pic when i put em on...i got the wheel tire setup for cheap, so i figured id run em till i saw a good deal pop up on wheels...


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HRC, The Emp motor is great! I have to thank you for putting me on that motor...Its all i'll ever need, i have no desire to race on it, and the torque works great for anything i do...I almost want to put seat belts on it now for the kids it goes so fast...

Olboy, I just used a router to cut the dash out...cut the old dash opening from behind the dash once its exposed from taking the font body off, or you could cut from the front, just be careful not to overdo it...I stuck my trim ring up against the woodgrain, outlined w/a sharpie, then routered it off as well....And just remember when youir routing, move the router in the directing the blade spins(clockwise)...It will keep all the shavings attached to the piece your cutting off, and leaves a clean opening for ya...


Cobraclay, thank you for the information it will come in handy when I attempt to add a radio to my new cart.


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Great cart cobraclay! Even if it IS lifted!

Any chance there is a pic of the backside of the stereo without the body on?


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badtothebone, are you talking about with the body or painting the wheels? Im actually thinking of taking my wheels off taping the tires off and shooting them black...I hate seeing the backsides and the white through the spoke holes on the caps...anyway, heres a pic of what they look like...



Gorno, i actually did not take any of the back...what were you trying to see? The model radio i used was a Sony CDX-M50iP, with XS-MP1620B 6.5" speakers...Should be able to look it up, and see what connections it comes with...I know it has the i-pod wire that was on it, i cut a hole to my right-side glove box to hook it up and keep it out of the way...


Painting the wheels black is the way to go. The new hubcaps they are coming out with are real sharp, and a lot less money then custom wheels.


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I agree, i paid $100 for my set of wheels and tires, and i just picked these hubs up for $32.00 inc shipping off ebay, i kinda like them w/o the AT on the hub center, like the others have. But i couldnt go wrong for that price.


The hubcaps look fantastic.
I was talking about the cart body being black looking good with the chrome caps. Painting the wheels black would make it look even better.