Cheapest EZGO Engine Rebuild Kit?


What is the cheapest complete 92 EZGO 3pg engine rebuild kit on the market?
I know that a top end kit is cheaper but I want to completely rebuild this engine. I have a price of 355.99+s/h from BU, but I thought I might be able to find a cheaper one somewhere. Thanks guys in advance,


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I personally wouldnt buy anything from BU because they price stuff so expensive, just look around and you will find it cheaper somewhere else.


I've never had any problems with Buggies Unlimited, I've bough quite a bit from them and have always been satisfied.
I do always shop around for the best deal though. :D

Greg here's a link to a complete rebuild kit for $307.35. I've dealt with these guys and have no complaints on their parts.
E-Z-GO 89-94 Golf Cart Engine Rebuild Kit


Thanks Guys,Ya know, being from KY, I would like to keep the revenue in my home state but if I can find the same product 40 bucks cheaper somewhere else, then guess what. I personally think BU prices everything about 50 bucks too much on everything. JMHO