charging problems


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I need some help. I have an old 83 ez go that wont take a charge. this is a 36v set up. I tested the charger and it has 42v
at the plug and past the plug on the wires that go to the batteries. I cleaned all the bat conections and checked if they had fluid and they did. I charged the batts with my 12v charger two at a time and it worked. So, I just dont know where to go from here. Please can anybody help.


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What model charger do you have? What exactly is the problem. If your getting 42 volts to the batteries like you say it sounds like the charger is working.


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i think that old of a cart it will not engage the charger untill the batts are at least 31.5 v, anything lower than that the charger will not engage, take your time and charge 2 batts at a time and make sure they can take a load test. batts that have had the plates exposed below the water level are damaged, how ever much of the plate in the batt was exposed is dead and you will never get it back, if any of your batts will not take a load test andi it brings the pack down below 31.5, again, will not engage the charger. i think that has been the standard for the chargers all along
let us know what happens


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Most times the quoted threshold is 28v, but no matter. What is the pack voltage, age and condition?


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thanks for the gretting.
My pack voltage is 35v. And it wont charge any more than that. As far as the age I dont Know, but the batts look in good condition.


If your getting 42 volts from the charger to the batteries like you say and they arent charging check your batteries and cables.


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Thanks guys. I was looking at my batts and i found one of my batteries the water was low in the middle cell so that could be my issue. I could see the top of the plate.