Charging New Batteries on my EZGO Electric Golf Cart


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I have a EZGO electric golf cart. I just installed 6 new 6 volt batteries becuse the old ones would not turn on the battery charger. Now what i am seeing on the battery charger is that it starts( amp guage) at 19 and with in a minute the guage moves for 19 down to 5 or zero.
I tested the batteries and found one low. I took that battery out of series and tried to charge it again. 4 hrs later guage has moved from 19 down to 5. I'm thinking this is good, took cart for a little ride and it took off fast for 10 feet then just moves slow on 5 batteries. I put the golf cart back on the battery charger, amp gauge read 19. 4 hrs later the gauge has moved back down to 5. I took it for a spin it still moves very slow. I disconnected all wires off batteries except main cables from battery to battery and to charger plug. Reconnected the one low battery back in the golf cart. The amp guage started back at 19 and with in minuet back down to 5. I am thinking this is bad battery. I took low battery out of the golf cart again and reconnected charger. 4 hr late I'm thinking I have a 12 hr charge at this point on 5 batteries it should move fast, it does not. It still moves very slow like it has no charge. Any ideas?


You're going to need six good batteries for the golf cart to run like it should. The cart will run very slow, if at all with only five 6 volt batteries. Once all six of your batteries are tested and your sure they're all good charge the golf cart until the charger shuts itself off.
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I'm a little confused here, are you saying that you bought 6 new batteries but only have 5 hooked up and running?
You cannot charge just 5 batteries with a 36v charger, you will ruin the batteries. Don't try and drive the cart with only 5 batteries.
Put all 6 batteries in the circuit and charge. If you have one battery that's low, use a 6v automotive charger and bring that low battery up so that all will charge with the 36v charger.
Post the individual battery voltages, they should all be 6.37v or better.