Charging 48 volt batteries


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I recently ran down a relatively new set of 8 volt batteries on my Club Car. The cart was running normally and suddenly came to a halt with no warning....I had just forgotten to hook up the charger after several hours of driving over the previous 2 weeks.

The charger took some 48 hours of charging before the charger needle fell to zero and turned off, and the batteries were fully charged. Is that an unusually lengthy charging time for fully drained batteries, just a month old?



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thats seems kinda long however i have seen them take 24 hours ..........your charger should shut off after 16 hours and you should than have to unplug everything and than plug cart back in so if your charger ran for 48 hours and didn,t shut off theres a problem and so you know its really bad to run the batteries down like that.......shortens their lifespan............................


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As Shadowman said if your charger was still running after 48 hours you have a problem with the charger or OBC.
Batteries should be recharged each time you have more than 15-30 minutes of pedal time.
You could very well have messed these new batteries up so bad they may not come back to life.