Charger Question


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I have an '05 CC DS, I have noticed that the charger was taking much longer than normal to charge for the last few months but now it won't shut off at all. It can charge 4 hours or 48 hours and never gets below 12-13 amps on the meter and never stops charging. The low battery light has always come on and off intermittently and still does. It still has the factory charger, is there any way to check the charger to see if it is the problem or something with the cart?

This is typical of batteries at the end of their life cycle.

This does not mean your batteries are finished. All batteries are born dying. Some make it 3 years some 10 years depending on how they have been used and care for plus initial quality.

Can you give us a little history about your batteries. What is the voltage reading of the entire bank and that of each battery? How long has it been since the batteries have been removed and the rack all cleaned up? How long has it been since the battery cables have been replaced?


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Hey Gale, Thanks for the reply. I replaced the 5 year old Trojans last fall with some batteries out of a totaled maintenance cart from where I work. The batteries that I put in last fall had no date on them that I could find and was told they were all good...I figured they had to be better that the originals but maybe not!! I leave the cart at my hunting lease so if I go down this weekend I will take some voltage readings and let you know what they are.
The cables were all replaced when I installed the batteries and I have checked them recently also.
Not sure what you mean by rack? If you mean where the batteries sit it was cleaned up when the batteries were replaced too.