Charger question- newbie


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Since I am brand new to this, here's the history, inherited a 1996 EZGO, batteries had been taken out by previous owner, they are probably not any good, but I re-installed them again to see if anything would work, so hopefully correctly (I think) but the Powerwise charger does not do anything when plugged in.

I have applied a deep cycle charger to see if there is any life in there, and the only thing working yet is the back up horn.

Is there anything I need to do to make the charger work, and if it does not, can this be charged from another charger?

Sorry for being so un-educated, got this free, just looking to see if I want spend any money on it


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The Powerwise charger won't turn on until you have around 28 volts of total pack voltage. Check and add distilled water if the plates are exposed before charging. Only fill them until the plates are just covered then you can fill them to the proper level after they're charged. (if they charge)


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thanks for the info, after charging them in pairs, the charger came on as is charging now, so we will see.