charger needle not moving


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I have a 2004 precedent new batterries four months ago. Everything was working fine, until recently when I got done playing golf plug it up like always the charger clicks on but the needle doesn't move off of zero and does not charge. Have approximately half charge on batteries aaaaand never had this problem before. ANy ideas on what it could be or what to check? Thanks in advance


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I have a 2007 Club Car 440 Electric and recently, for an unknown reason, my red gauge needle started remaining where it was before a full overnight charge. During use it would proceed from that point to a lower point eventually getting to the blinking on and off warning stage. I tried resetting it by turning the tow switch to "tow" and waiting 10+seconds. When I turned back to "run" the gauge would show fully charged. I have been ignoring the gauge until it gets down to the "on-off" blinking and reset it again. I suspect the switch is faulty but haven't had time to seek a further solution. I will watch your post in hopes of learning more about my problem.


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1st thing you need to do is find out if its a problem with the charger or the cart........can you try your charger on another cart? or can you get a known good charger to try on your cart? thats what you need to do 1st.....................................