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Im not exactly sure what EZGO changed on these clutches through the years, mine is a 2001 TXT 4 Stroke stock driven clutch(the one on the rearend). This is what a 2001 looks like;
Here is a step by step on how to change your ramp buttons (I have also heard them called DOGS) in your secondary clutch.

First, ease off your belt by pulling it over the edge of your secondary clutch, then when it gets too hard to pull with your hand, roll your cart backward enough to slip the rest of the belt off.
After the belt is off, remove the bolt and washers holding the clutch on the shaft. The clutch should slip right off. If it doesnt, use a little penetrating fluid, (ie.WD 40, Liquid Wrench) let it set for a few minutes or even hours. Then "lightly" tap the clutch with a small rubber mallet. DO NOT HIT OR USE EXCESSIVE FORCE!!! These clutches are aluminum. Aluminum will snap or crack if excessive force is used. With a little persuasion and some penetrating fluid, even the toughest clutch will eventually give in.
Now that you have the clutch off (in one piece I hope), you need to disassemble the clutch. I have read on other webpages that you should tie a piece of rope or wire through the shaft hole and around the clutch to keep the pieces from flying all over your garage.This is a good idea, especially if you are doing this by yourself. The clutch spring does put quite a bit of pressure on the cam.
This procedure is best done while a friend is around to help. As a friend keeps downward pressure on the cam, using snap ring pliers, remove this snap ring.

If you dont have snap ring pliers, I suggest you buy a pair ASAP. They really come in handy and keep inches of skin from being gashed open after a flat tip screwdriver slips off!(see tool usage on other post,lol)

These are the pieces that you should have, they are numbered in the reverse order that they came apart.

1. Left sheeve and shaft
2. Right sheeve with ramp buttons
3. Spring
4. Cam
After disassembly, check each sheeve(1 and 2) for excessive wear(ie. gouges,cracks or deep grooves). Some slight wear is normal and wont hurt a thing. But the smoother the better, because this is where the sides of your drive belt rides.

Using a 5/16 allen wrench remove whats left of the ramp buttons.

Inspect all three bolts, make sure all threads are in good shape and the heads arent worn. If they are ok, install your new ramp buttons.

Notice that they are slightly curved. They install with the contour of the clutch. Tighten snuggly but dont over tighten. It is fairly hard to install them incorrectly, but it can be done.

Before re-assembling, check for excessive wear on the cam(4), again look for gouges,cracks or deep grooves.

The flat surfaces on the cam ride on the ramp buttons.These flat surfaces should be fairly smooth. Remember the smoother the better.
Now with the buttons installed and everything inspected and looking good, you can re-assemble your clutch.

If your spring is flat on both ends and doesnt have prongs then re-assemble in the reverse order (ie. place sheeve 2 on sheeve 1, insert spring 3,place cam 4 over spring and shaft, compress spring and install snap ring). Re-install on differential, re-tighten clutch bolt and replace drive belt and away we go!


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Great post Grizzley, Did you know that you can change the cam on this clutch to a 28 degree cam for more torque. the normal txt clutch cam has 36 degree ramps on the cam, it will have a 36 stamped on the back of them. the 28 degree clutch comes stock on the ST models and has 28 stamped on it. BU sells the 28deg. driven clutch and a belt as a power/torque mod for $299.
This info was posted by ezgomike elsewhere, i'm reposting it for all those who missed it.
"Since you already know how to dis-assemble your driven clutch, just put in the 28 degree cam, and buttons.

E-Z-GO part #'s:
1 - 72329-G01 Cam
3 - 72324-G01 Button

use 120 degrees of preload, and the middle spring setting.

Should be under $50 in parts, and the difference is amazing."
Hope you don't mind me throwing this in with your great post, it just seemed like it should be here


Good info!!!!
I'd like to see more of this here.