Changed Engine In My EZGO From a Robin 295 to a 350cc


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I changed the engine in my 1998 EZGO TXT from a Robin 295 to a 350cc Robin engine. I got it running but it only runs at about 1/4 speed. I've adjusted valves, have 120lb of compression. I put in a new carburetor, new coil and drained all the gas and put fresh in it.
I've had advice from a lot of people but none of it worked. Help please help!!!


What do mean when you say 1/4 speed, the engine rpm's do not raise or the cart is slow?
Did you hold the throttle butterfly all the way open when you checked the compression? 120 lbs is very low for that engine, 175/180 lbs is the factory number.



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I'm sorry 180 was the compression, not sure why it says 120.
It backfires and the plugs get loaded up with oil when I drive it.
I've pulled the exhaust out and it still ran bad. By 1/4 speed I mean about 6mph.


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Are you sure it is oil on the plug? Over loading of fuel will foul plugs and cause backfires? If your idle screw is turned in it will cause it to overload fuel also if the choke is not adjusted correctly it will cause it to backfire. And do you have the correct gaskets on the front side of the carb