Champian 2000lb Winch


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Champian 2000lb winch

Price-$69.99 (Sam's Club)

Stats- 50ft cable
0.7 hp
Gear reduction ratio: 153:1
2000lb limit

Review- Well.. I don't really go "offroading" that much. So I have only used it a few times with 0 problems. It really adds a cool look to the cart and for the price you really can't beat it.

club car man

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Wow, that's a GREAT price for a winch. I have a winch on one of our quads and when that cable goes bad, get the rope. As long as your not doing too much pullin with it it works great. But I wouldn't want to use the rope for everyday use. Because it doesn't seem like it's that strong. The one nice thing I like about it is you can't get cut on it.