CD/DVD Player


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A friend gave me a used Jensen CD/DVD player. One of those where the screen comes out of the unit then flips up 90 degrees. We're thinking movie night at the beach

I got the stereo working but the screen does not display anything. Since this is designed for cars, the instructions call for a wire to be attached to the emergency brake so DVD operation can only occur with the emergency brake engaged. However it also functions as a touch screen for the radio, etc. so my thought is I should be seeing something on the screen.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

BTW, 2007 Club Car 48v. For now I'm wired into one battery.


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On most DVD players you ground the wire that was supposed to go to the E-brake. Some newer DVD players have a motion sensor in them and supposedly you can't disable it.

Try running the safety wire back to the negative post you have the DVD player connected to.
I'm taking it your cart has four 12 volt batteries?