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Hi everyone- I just finished my 6" a-arm install and found a little yellow hose maybe 18 inches long just lying suspiciously on the ground under the cart? I assume it went somewhere. Is this an overflow for the carb? Battery? Anybody know where it goes? and more importantly, is it important? It has a little plastic, crosshair-shaped, piece stuck in one end, that looks like it might have snapped off some where, while the other end has a little hose clamp on it, that really makes me think its important. I did take out the gas tank? ?. Anyway, it looks very similar in size, color and shape to the tube for the gas tank overflow that comes off the top of the tank. (That one broke off at the beginning of the build! that one I assume isnt so crutial?) Anyway, did I miss something during the tank re-install? Does it go on the carb as an overflow- and if so where? I'm guessing it's important. i don't know about you, but I just hate extra parts! Thanx Hittman290