cc brake lights


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Hi all
I need a little help with the brake lights on 05 p. ele. 48 v. cart.
The right brake light will work on and off at diff. times. when you hit the pedal
it may work then the next time not. the left side works all the time. this is the kit with
led s. have not pull under body off to check wires.
just thinking that it may be in the light unit.

Thank for your help


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could be a wire loose or a ground getting bad.....check wires and ground 1st.......................


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Ok I have replaced the tail light seem to be working now.
I think that there is a relay that should turn the brake lights off after
a short time, what is it called and where is it?

thanks gopher


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All light kits are not the same but what your talking about is a time delay relay usually in the dash not all light kits come with this.