Carts on Ocean Lakes

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Over the years, I've said that every weekend id a SHOW on are some pics of the carts I've photographed over the years...I'll start off with the cart that sparked my desire to build a cart. This cart is a Davis 500, built by "Superman", from North Carolina...These are the latest pics after the paint job..








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It looks awesome, but I think it would look better if he leveled off the carb and air scoop.

Pimp Daddy

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Gonzo.. These pics don't do this cart justice... The scoop and everything flows with the cowl... To level it out, you'd either have to cut the body ... or jack the carb up 6" in the front..

superman 1

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I am not to good at posting pics Working on some more changes this winter!! Well I still haven't figured this out on posting??

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Thanks Terry. I figured out it is easier to post in Black on Cartaholics. You can use colors but it takes practice.