Cartaholics 10 Year Anniversary


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10 years is great !!! The forum has been picking up for a while now.. Did I see 75 guest tonight.. I think it was 75!guest ... Maybe it was last night.


Yes there was 75 guests. I think a lot of people just look around and find what they need without registering. Some of the guests are spam bots trying to register.


Cartaholic's really been 10 years already? Feels like I signed up last year!

I've even got the same cart in my backyard that I had 10 years ago...languishing, of course, because I haven't had time to machine new parts for the drivetrain. Those ITP Mudlites are tough SOBs, been ignored for years and still holding air!


Been doing well, working my butt off though. I haven't even had time to get my truck back on the road (exploded the differential) so it's been languishing too. I did find out that the stock traction bars were totally not intended for racing use, though. Spohn was quite happy to lighten my wallet to correct that bit of mischief, so hopefully I don't bend the new ones launching.