Cart Wont Charge


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I have an ezgo cart just bought. 2000 model.
I pulled the batteries and cleaned all the cables. Even put in a new battery.
Had to replace cable from the black box (the one that has 4 screws holding it) to the battery. THe cable went to the positive side of the battery - on the same post is a white cable from the charger plug in (female on cart).
The cart will not charge. Yet in reverse I have a loud signal. I have checked the charger and it functions properly (hooked to another cart)
Part of the hook on the white cable is broken 1/2 circle instead of full circle. Should I try cutting the wire stripping it and wrapping it around the battery post?

Any help appreciated. New at this.


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Check to make sure you attached the small wires from the charger receptacle.
Put on a new cable, or at least a new end.
All connections need to be clean and tight.
The pack voltage needs to be 38.2v after a charge.


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check the voltage as you need 26 or 28 volts for charger to work, what brand batts?.............................................