Cart stalling

An elderly friend of mine has a 05 PDS cart w/ rear seat and no lift and a torque chip installed. After riding appx 15 min. with passengers the cart will stall like the batteries are dead. when it sits for a while it will run like there s no problem.After reading an earlier post I think this cart in having an issue with the controller overheating.I do know she rides at part throttle because at 92 she doesn't want to go real fast,not to mention she is too short to put the pedel all the way to the floor.Does overheating sound like a possible cause of this? The dealer she bought it from has tried numerous times to fix it and can't. I have driven it trying to duplicate the problem but I have not tried driving it at part throttle yet. Any help or opinions are appreciated.


It sounds like the controller is getting hot and going into thermal shut down. The slow speeds along with the added weight of the rear set and passengers is hard on the DCS and PDS carts with stock controllers. You can check to make sure the controller is bolted tight to the heat sink.


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i had a cart going into thermal shut down just like you are describing. I tried putting an electric fan on top of the controller to cool it off, no luck. the only way to fix it is to upgrade the controller or switch to a series (fleet) cart
The dealer gave her a years warrantyso she called and they picked it up yesterday for the 3rd time. I'll let you know what they try this time. So far they keep replacing the soleniod.I think they are looking in the wrong direction.