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I’m contemplating a new cart, I need more power.

I’m not at all interested in lifted, but a good suspension & power interest me

I’ve got a 21 Yamaha gasser that is good for certain things but it’s a dog, it can hit 30 but has no torque.

Sounds like lithium will give me the torque, will it deliver that speed and if so over what distance?

My Yamaha drive2 or whatever it’s called is perfectly suitable but it has no torque… 4 people on it heading up a hill can be a bit embarrassing…. Makes me want to do a Fred flinstone & try & peddle it along.

I can see a lot is changing in this industry, I’m starting to see many different brands of carts, many of which are lifted which I don’t know why anyone wants a higher center of gravity on paved paths & roads?

Anyways, any feedback is appreciated.


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Get a bare bones lead acid golf cart and get a Navitas AC kit and the battery of your choice. The "high performance" factory golf carts are mostly limited to 20 mph and the stock lithium systems are impossible to upgrade currently, all the components talk to each other over CAN and will only function as a system.