Cart paint almost finished. Looking for dash trim?


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Well it looks like I will be getting my carts body out of paint int he next couple of days. I am trying to find the last few things I will be replacing.
Does anyone know where I can get the trim that goes along the top edge of the upper dash on the G9? I removed the roof and the roof supports and the rubber trim has two holes in it from the bolts for the roof support.
Would a woodgrain / carbon fiber / titanium style dash cover those holes if I decide to buy one?
Does anyone have one of the titanium dash covers? What do they look like in person. I cannot tell from any of the pictures I can find on the internet. I hope to have my cart back together buy the end of the week and have pictures to post. I just need to finish up a few pieces of diamond plate and my part will be ready to go one with the painted body.
Thanks for any and all help.