Cart Not Driving Fwd or Rev


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Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum and fairly new to owning a golf cart. Six months ago I purchased a refurb 2005 Club Car Precedent.

As quoted by the previous owner/builder it has:

New 650amp Hi Performance GE Controller
New D390 Hi Performance Motor
New Solenoid and Heavy Duty Cabling
New Batteries

Its a pretty quick cart, gets upto 45kmph on straights and the acceleration on it from a standstill is quite impressive.
about a month ago I was driving it fairly hard as I usually do and it started shuddering. the accelerator was flat and the power was surging on and off sporadically. I parked it for about half an hour and when I went to try it again. on pushing the accelerator nothing happened in forward or reverse. all the lights still come on and the cooling fan kicks in. the reverse buzzer sounds. batteries are charging just no movement.

unsure on names of things so bare with me:

I replaced the throttle box under the accelerator in the floor on the recommendation of an auto electrician. but it didn’t fix the problem. I’m reluctant to take it to anyone in my town as the few here have poor reputations..

if anyone has had the same sort of problem or knows of anything I can check/do to get it running it would be greatly appreciated...




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Sounds like a great cart! Is there a clicking when you put in F or R and any kind of noise then you try to accelerate From I experience I believe you have a faulty controller. I don't know if there is some form of fusing on that style controller or not, but you can ohm out the controller or check voltage thru that specific system. From the sound of your symptoms my guess would be the controller is fried. and will need to be replaced. If that is the case, how old is the controller, there is a warranty on some brands.


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There is still a clicking sound when you push in the accelerator in both F and R...ive been told this is to check the solenoid?


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Welcome I3ravo

i would sure hold off a bit before taking it in, the guys here will get ya to the problem and more than likely you may be able to fix it yourself or at least know what part to tell the shop to replace


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First, check the battery voltages each of your 4 batteries should be around 12.7v. Also ,ake sure all of the battery connections are clean and tight.

Second, the clicking sound is it from the micro switch in the throttle or a sound from solenoid itself?

Third if it is just the throttle microswitch, try a 6ga or larger jumper across the 2 large posts on the solenoid, if the cart runs, replace the solenoid.

Forth, check your fuses.


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Thanks heaps guys for your tips...

Nubs - i think your right mate, ill delay taking it in for a bit, have a muck around myself, and if im lucky enough to fix it its a win...

Ill give it a go today and let yous know how it fares out..


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Hey Guys..

today i went and checked the cart..

the two fuses i could find were both fine..
the clicking noise on the accelerator is definatley only the micro switch.
all four batts are reading 12.6-12.9 volts

i dropped the load out of the system and tried to undo the two larger terminals on what i believed to be the solenoid..i got one off and then accidentally bumped the other terminal with the spanner and i got a large spark...

so i didnt do anymore untill i came on here to ask you guys..

My mate thinks it was the coil that we were tampering with but i dont know...didnt know if golf carts had coils ????

it was located next to the controller under the run/tow switch and had large gauge wires running from the batts to the controller, one of each terminal...

i checked the two terminals on the motor and was reading around 50 volts
i checked the two tall ends of the solenoid and was getting haywire readings...

I know the questions might be a bit dumb but im seriously a newbie with this stuff....




Welcome to the forum.

Seeing how the solenoid isn't clicking I'd check all you cable connections, micro switch, key switch, and solenoid. Check that stuff first and let us know what you find.