Cart no go


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got a 2003 TXT series cart. Put new batteries in it and it drove great...for about 2 days. while driving it around the pond it just quit. Checked a few things and found the reed switch (fuse in the charger cup) blown. Got one from a local cart shop fo $50, replaced it and the floorboard microswitch. everything seemed good, key on...selector in F, depress gas pedal and reed switch & micro switch blew again. and ideas? I also replaced the microswitches on the F&R just to be on the safe side. Ive been out of golf cart repairs for a few months and just bought this cart. Cant figure it out.


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Hi' I am not to up to date on that model, but it sounds like a short in the wiring to blow the reed and microswitch that soon . check the wiring to and from the problem areas to see if one might be broken or rubbing on something. use a test light to see if you have the problem at the start of the wires or at the end to try to pinpiont the areas in between you cant see. if you have power at the start of a wire but not were it ends it might be in the loom. also check FnR switch to make sure connections are secure a loose wire on it when put in gear may cross over another i said not to up to date on these models but it works for me when i trouble shoot. o.c.f.


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you didn,t by chance add anything or ground anything to the frame did you.............................


Did you do any wiring work around the solenoid? Also make sure that B+ from #1 battery positive goes to solenoid and B- on #6 battery negative does not.