Cart Goes in Reverse in Forward and Reverse


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I've got a friend who's cart quit on him. Here's a little background. It's a 2001 Club Car electric. Serial number is AC0129-038114. I think it is a Regen or Regen 2. It has the rocker type f/r switch and a silver controller and F1 and F2 on motor. He bought 4 slightly used lithium batteries ( Ampere Time LiFepo 4 plus 12 volt 50 Amp. ) Is that high enough amperage. He had one battery hooked up wrong. Fixed that and did a OBC bypass. Routed the 10 gage wire from charger port to battery pack negative. When I cut the white and blue wire on the harness side of the OBC and hooked them together I got nothing. Put them back the way they where, it has power. With the cart jacked up the wheels turn in reverse in both forward and reverse. I checked the output on the controller F1 was 0 volts in forward F2 was 41.9. In reverse F1 41.9 and F2 was 0 volts. This was with wheels spinning at 1/4 throttle. A1 and A2 where at 51.8 volts all the time. I thought it was in the motor so I dropped it. Brushes where around half gone the armature and contractor where in good shape and sew no burnt windings. Put it back in and now it goes forward both in forward and reverse. Tested the controller out puts again. Forward F1 - 0, F2 - 40.5, A1 - 51.2, A2 - 39. Reverse F1 - 40.5, F2 - 0, A1 - 51.2, A2 - 42. Then I checked the motor and in forward F1 - 39.8, F2 - 39.3, A1 - 51, A2 - 35. Reverse F1 - 0, F2 - 0, A1 - 51, A2 - 42. I don't have a clue where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again all these measurements are with the tires spinning at about 1/4 throttle. I also have to help the tires to start spinning after that they take off quickly. There also is no resister or diode on the solenoids (2).