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Hello all! new to the forums here. i posted because i have a california roadster here that i'm interested in selling, so here are some details;

Steel chassis, convertable, "monterray blue" paint job, needs alittle bit of electrical work, and could use new batts, 72v system.

-new rear drum brake (replaced because of manufacture defect)
-new power supply (ordered direct from American custom carts)
-other than that this vehicle is in good to great condition, alittle wear one seats, and a scratch here and there, but over all a beautiful cart.

i'm asking $6500 OBO so send me an offer

thank you for your time,

if you are at all interested in the cart, feel free to call or e-mail me.
pictures are also available at your request

[email protected]

located in South orlando, FL (kissimmee area)


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The pictures are the current condition as it sits in the garage right now :)

Update: offer declined

Still for sale