Carryall 272 FE400D CS03 - Parts Anywhere?


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Hello everyone.

I have a 2005 Club Car Carryall 272 with a Kawasaki FE400D CS03 engine. I've been having these intermittent problems were the thing will run just fine, always idles fine, but then suddenly it's like I've lost timing. It snorts, farts, backfires, blows a bit of smoke, and then just goes on its merry way.

I've disconnected the rev limiter. I have rebuilt the carburetor I have as my local dealer says those carbs are like hens teeth. In fact it seems like most parts for this Kawasaki engine are like hens teeth. My local dealer basically said sucks to be you, you can downgrade to a less powerful engine. At least they made more of them.

Has anyone ever done a decent engine swap in the 272? I don't feel like dropping $800 for a carburetor, only to find out it's a rev limiter that I can't find, or other parts that seem to be non-existent.

Any tips are appreciated.

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Here is the parts manual for your vehicle:

Page 9-6 - 9-9 has carb info, looks like only difference between 350 and 400 carb is the jetting, so you can probably just swap jets to a new 350 carb if you can't find the 400 one. The FE400 was used in EZGOs as well as many other non golf applications so I would imagine there must be carbs available from somewhere other than Club Car.


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I did some experimenting. and it is definitely heat related. I left the trunk/dump box open as I drove, and it did not act up once. Put it down, and within a minute, it was stumbling and backfiring and puffing smoke. That could point to the rev limiter, but it is disconnected. Completely disconnecting it does help somewhat, but then I need to reconnect the pigtail so I can shut off the engine.

I'm going to look for an ignition coil/plug wire to see if the wire is expanding when it heats up and is leaking/arcing to the engine. I had that happen a couple times with bad wires in the auto world.


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Hello again.

Are there any resources or firms that deal in the 400D engine? I've looked at engine swaps, and while fun, I have the locking diff which makes some twin installs problematic.

Are there any resources for performance parts for the 400D engine?