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I have a chance to pickup a carcohe cart. I really like the old body style, but we want a cart to use for hunting. Has anyone lifted one and what can of power do they have.


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The Caroche probably isn't the best choice for a hunting cart unless you update all the electronics. As far as a lift goes you'll have to build it yourself or have it built.


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Have to agree with H/R. I have one, that we found in the woods and been re building it here and there for about a year. Not the fastest thing in the world, But it is something you don't see every day. You can do anything ,But? why with that cart. :twocents:


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Guy is selling this as a Yamaha. This is a Famous Golf Cart. It was the very Golf Cart that Rodney Danderfield drove in the movie Caddy Shack!
This Golf cart is a Custom Yamaha, with a 30's model Roadster body, with a Rumble type box in the rear for clubs or extra seating. This is in LiKe NeW condition, and needs NoThInG and is ready to go! This Cart is GreaT for Golfing, Racing, Car Shows etc. It gets ALL the attention....