Carburetor Adjustment for Cold natured EZGO TXT Golf Cart


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Recently bought refurbished 2003 EZGO TXT golf cart for wife and it's cold natured. The thing is dang near impossible to get going, especially if the overnight temps fall below 70 (which hasn't happened much). I checked the valves and they were adjusted very tight, so I adjusted to spec. Made no difference.

It must be choked repeatedly to get it going but you have to crank it for over a minute even with the choke to get any response. My 1999 with same motor starts and runs easily.

Does the carburetor need to come off to be cleaned? Is there some adjustment I can make to resolve this before I call the dealer and get him to take it in for service?


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This particular year seems to be very cold natured you may want to adjust the valves first to see if that helps. Let us know how that goes and we can maybe give you some other ideas.


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if your sure the valves are set right, this would be my answer to your problem, new factory carb. its an older fully adjustable version that is jetted a little fat and will eliminate cold starting problems. its for a 350 but installs exactly as the old one does.