Carbon fouled spark plug?


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84 gas club car has constant carbon (dry) fouled plug. Runs good cold and after 3 minutes won't do much at all. Has new carb., fuel filters, fuel lines, cleaned tank, new gas, new air filter, new exciter and ignition coils. Running the recommended spark plug. Could it be a air/fuel mixture problem? Also, have a fuel pump kit and new muffler on order.


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i would say the compression is the problem, the difference between 100 and 140 lbs in a two stroke is a big deal. crankshaft seals may also be a problem, i would start with top end kit and go from there. i think a 170 bucks or so or hone it and just install rings and ya may get by for a while


Club Car would be a 4 stroke but still Like Nubs said 100 lbs compression is pretty low. Have you cheked the valve lash?