carb rebuild


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I just took the carb off and inspected it and found that the throttle shaft is worn on the bottom so bad that it will not close all the way to idle it down. I was wondering if any body knew if there was a bushing kit to rebuild it. the engine is a 1992 fe920 I was able to put a oring on the bottom of the shaft and it works good for now (it idles down fine and responds good with the oring centering it for now ) I don't know how long this fix will work but it is working now.


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I've never seen a bushing for the shaft but their may be one available. You could try calling a Club Car dealer and asking. Or you could have one made.


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for the price of a rebuild kit you can buy a new carb for it.......those carbs are close to junk to begin with but at least they arn,t real expensive so i would go for a new one....................................