carb/linkage help!!! (no throttle past 1/2 pedal)


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need a little advise with my cart.....


newly installed fe290...runs fairly well, idles great, takes off pretty good.
throttle linkage from accelerator to black box , pedal takes between 1/2 and 3/4 inch to start cart.
no rev limiter installed on cart
govener has been diabled by loosening bolt on govenor arm bracket


all of the engine speed is controlled by first 25%-50% of accelerator pedal....

after I push accelerator past about 1/2 way, rou can feel the motor start to "bogg" down.....

thinking about tearing the carb apart and going thru it, and adding the newer "Power" jet while I got it torn apart......

should the cart have acceleration the entire portion of the throttle????


Is the carb linkage moving through the full travel of the pedal?
The cart should accelerate all the way to full throttle.