Can't maintain high rpm


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Ok so after posting about a voltage regulator problem I found that once I took the battery to autozone that it was completely bad. And I used a voltmeter on the cart once it was running and it was at about 15 volts.

SO... I thought it was problem solved. Then I was pulling on the throttle cable and noticed that the cart couldn't sustain a medium to high rpm. It kept dieing and then throttling up again. The secondary fuel filter is only half full and i am going to change it tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone may have any other suggestions before I start ordering parts.

Thanks again for all your help.

The CC do have a rpm limiter, which doesnt allow it to reach the high rpm's. I don't know what the rpm limit is, but maybe someone will be along shortly to help with that.


Im pretty sure 3200 rpm is when the rev limiter will kick in. You can disconnect the rev limiter but without a tach your asking for trouble with no rev limiter.


I have seen bad voltage regulators on Club Cars cause the symptom that you are describing. Did you change the voltage regulator or just the battery? A bad voltage regulator is probably what killed your other battery. Also make sure that your govenor arm is not bent.


Take the ground wire off right next to the rev limiter on the diagram.
Rev limiter #22
Ground wire #1


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Well I tested the voltage again and the battery seems fine and the voltage regulator is good (almost 15 volts) but my concern is the second fuel filter past the pump. It only has about a third of it full of fuel. The rest is air and I was thinking that the could be a problem or something i should replace anyways. Please advise. Thanks again for all your help. This forum rocks for the small business operator who is short on cash and wants to DIY.