can't keep alignment

I have a 07 CC Precedent with a jakes 6 in lift, 12 wheels with a off road tire. I can align it straight and go for a ride and it wil be toed in or out. i have worn out my tires in 5 rides, I tried to lift the cart to get tires in the air and I had the tires straight by using a a long board to even it to the rear, I took it for a ride and it's scary, very quick to track I had to drive slow. So i then tried with the tires on the ground, using the same method, took it down the road and it rode straight no woories, it didnt sound all good i get back in the garge and now they are toe out, but it rides perfect, even though it is wearing very bad. with wverything tight how can it go out over an over......


When you say you aligned it straight I'm taking it you set the camber and the toe? You need to set both with the cart sitting on the ground.


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The alignment should be set to 1/8" toe in.
Toe is measured on the front tires from the center of the tread on the front of the tire to the center of the tread on the rear of the tire.
What tire pressures are you running to wear them out in 5 rides?
I have had the tires for almost a year just recently i have had issues with the alignment. I aligned it on the ground , i did find that when i brake the driver side wheel toes in very bad, then can go into reverse and hit the brake it will go back into the correct alignment. I have all new bushings, except the a arm one I was lazy there is alot of play there, could this b the problem. Also my steering colum is really high , high enough that its bending the plastic on the dash...