cant get the hub off


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So Im trying to take the hub off the rear driver side off a 2003 txt, but the axle just keeps spinning. How can i get the axle to stop moving so I ca get the nut off?


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ya i tired setting the parking break but th axle still spins any other ideas. I was thinking of taking the differential apart and lodging something in there to see if i could keep the axle from spinning


Use a impact wrench. Or put the tire back on and sit the cart on the ground and use a breaker bar and extension.

Jimmy D.

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I recently had the same problem I used a tire iron wedged between the lug bolts and the ground and then used a breaker bar with an extension or piece of pipe and I finally got that sucker loose.

*I had to replace the hub because the gears or splines inside were wore out and the axle was spinning inside the wheel.

*I guess this is a common thing with these carts at times and this is a fairly cheap fix!

*Usually it was a battery too low charge thing but this time it was different the engine I could hear was running but the cart was not moving in forward or reverse.

*I looked at one of these sites on the internet and they gave me the answer or solution to my problem. In my ongoing education in golf cart maintenance.

Jimmy D.


Put some kind of bar between the lugs to the ground to stop the turning. Would not advise setting brake, might brake inside parts. Use the nuts to protect threads.

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If the splines in the hub are stripped...
How would holding the hub keep the axle from turning ?
Last time I changed one, the nut was on the axle, NOT the hub....It is usually better to break it loose while the cart is on the ground with the parking break set...You could even leave the wheel/tire on the hub after you remove the castle nut, it'll give you something to pull on other than just the hub.