Can you tell me the year?


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New member here, I was up for hours last night reading here, lots and lots of great inforamtion. I just picked up a used EZ-GO (SN: 1319124), I'm trying to figure out the year and model. It also says K300 on the SN tag. Once I get the year and model fogured out, i'll start to track down a manual or repair manual. The previous owner has a couple spliced wires I need to track down.

I plan to tear it down in the spring and paint it, recover the seat and backrest and put a light kit on it. I want to do wheels also, but it depends on the cash flow at the time. It's a 36V cart, seems to run around fine, looking forward to the project.

I had a good idea of what I wanted to do to it, but the more research I do, the more things I want to do or change. I'm sure this web site will provide me with the ideas and knowledge, looking forward to it!

thanks in advance!

Hermosa in Salt Lake


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Great, thank you! I was up again for hours last night reading, there is so much good content here, really impressive! Hopefully I can contribute something of value in the near future.

thanks again.


Welcome to the forum Hermosa...