Can you charge a 12v Battery off of a 36v Battery?


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Hi, I am new here and also just got a 2002 EZ-GO electric TXT.

It is going to be used as a utility vehicle around our farm.

Between adding lights, an AC inverter and the need to jump vehicles I want to setup a separate Deep cycle battery on board the cart.

My thoughts are that why plug in the carts 36v charger and also a 12v charger for the deep cycle.

Why can't I set up where I plug in the 36v charger only and have a system that I can then activate to charge the 12v off of the 36v system. (Thinking about using a solenoid activated by a switch when I want to energize the 36v to 12v charging system.)

I really want the advantage of an automated system with float so I can activate and forget so I don't want to just wire in a 36v to 12v DC to DC converter.

One idea I have is to look at a Schumacher SC-200A or SC-300a and see how the ac to dc is handled and modify it by changing out the ac supply and adding in a 36v to 12v converter as the power supply. (Way back when I had a portable drill that the transformer coil burned out of the battery charger, I was able to wire in a DC transformer in its place and although the system was using a dc input at the correct voltage instead of an AC current that the original transformer supplied the ac to dc circuitry just passed it through.)

I love to think outside of the box.

Thank You
Shutech while a complex solution might be possible personally I would just connect the 12v charger to the 12v battery when you plug in the 36v charger. Get one with float on it and you should be good to go.

I like thinking outside of the box but sometimes I get so far outside of the box that I never can find it again.