Can I Use a Marine Battery Charger to Charge My Golf Cart?


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I'm new here and your forum is great, really helped me get my cart going.
My question is I have a 3 bank marine on board battery charger 3-12volts, 4amps per bank. Can I use it to charge my batteries in my 36 volt golf cart since I did not get a charger with my cart? I would wire it 2 6volts each bank.


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4 amps to these packs is a little higher than a trickle charge. It will charge the pack, but they will never get hit hard by the amps. They will sulfate quicker using a low amp application.


It would be 4 amps times 3 (4 amps to each pair). A lot of the electric pontoon boats use this setup with six 6 volt batteries or three 12 volt batteries. Like Gorno mentioned it may cause them to sulfate...