Can I Speed Up My EZGO Cheaply?


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I have been reading through some of the posts on these forums and trying to figure out how to speed up my EZGO golf cart cheaply without having to spend $500 or more.
I have a 1996 EZ-GO TXT 36 volt. I clocked it at 11mph :(. I would like to get it up to at least 20 mph. From what i read, i would have to replace the solonoid or the motor and both are around $500 or more. This golf cart has brand new batteries and cables in it.

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


There's not much you can do to speed up a series golf cart cheaply. You would need to either get a different motor and to do it right a higher amp controller also. Along with 4 gauge cables and a heavy duty solenoid and a HD forward and reverse.
The cheapest way to speed it up would be a EMP motor. You can get 20+ MPH out of a series golf cart with the EMP motor only, although you really should upgrade the cables and the forward and reverse switch with heavy duty buss bars if you decide to go that route.


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Ok thank you. thats what i figured but i thought i would put out the question anyway.
Much appreciated.