Can I pull a trailer?


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The question has come up many times about, "can I pull a trailer with my golf cart". In short the answer is yes. Just keep in mind, usually anything in moderation is ok. However, the "Overkill" factor can kill a good cart too. Here are some trailer pulling scenarios that might help you answer your question.

Golf Carts are used for pulling all kinds of trailering devices including but not limited to Boats, Race Cars, Junior Dragsters, and parade floats. List yours with a photo!

For the folks who post photos of their trailers, please list options, if any, you used on your cart, in order to pull your trailer.
This is what we use them for at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum. Our Kiddie trains.

We used a conbination Pintle/Ball hitch and configured it to the cart by removing the rear bumper. We did not use heavy duty rear springs as there is actually no weight on the hitch. We just needed it to pull the weight, and there is lots of it. Our two cars are 2002 Club Cars, IQ DS models with older batteries.

We turned the speed down on these IQ cars to the lowest speed. These cars only have rear brakes and we don't need speed.

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We tow the jr dragster with ours, as well as a little trailer for around the yard chores.
I have had the trailer that the jr and golf cart is on hooked to the golf cart also.
I made a receiver hitch that not only attaches to the rear bumper, but to the frame as well. The hitch is also a footrest. But I have one that has no footrest also.
Rusty one, that is a great train museum!!!!
I love trains and have a model layout. Not set up right now though, too many other things on the go.


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The popup camper is mine, the gasser Club Car belongs to the BIL. 1800 pound load, uphill across a soft spring lawn and onto the pavement at our campground. The hitch ball is installed in his rear step, and a brace runs back to the chassis somehow (can't remember the exact configuration). Tongue weight around 200 pounds.


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Its not what you can pull, its what you can stop. Most carts can pull way more than they can safely stop.
That trailer is very heavy, its made with 1/4" steel tread plate, with the cart on it, its over 2000lb. bottom pic doesn't look like much untill you start adding up the 3/4" sheets of plywood, its around 2500lb. any more than this and the carts will not stop them safely on the terrain i deal with.


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I will send pictures as soon as I get my new aluminum boat. I bought my cart for the sole purpose of towing it!


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I can pull anything I want. BUT! My setbacks are my motor and controller. With this said, I have a motor which will draw a load of amps and create major heat if I am going slow and using 1/4 or less pedal. When this happends my controller, with built in protection, will go into thermal overload and shut down.

I reckon the person that built my controller knew I would need some protection...


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Looks like Im going to go with 36volts for now due to the price of batteries and charger, with that said should I have any problem towing my 1600lb pop-up about 1/4 mile from my storage to my camp site on fairly flat ground with my ezgo txt fleet? I could do it with the truck but what fun would that be.

Thanks, Matt


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As long as there are no emergency stops planned you will be fine. We move popup campers all the time with our carts.