Can a mere mortal replace the OBC by himself


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After reading many posts and getting some input from others here, I have concluded that I probably need to replace the OBC on my 1997 48 volt Club Car.

I've located the part online and its many times cheaper than having a local dealer do the job.

Now I'm trying to figure out if this is a job I can and should take on.

I'm no mechanic but I can do basic house wiring and basic car maintenance.

Just how much is involved in replacing the OBC? I've removed the panel under the sweater basket and can see it. Can it be done without removing anything else? Would it be easier if I removed the body (and if so, how hard is that)?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. I'd love to hear from anyone who has tackled the job who, like me, is not a mechanic.


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I'm not a cc guy but golf carts are not rocket science.
I can't believe you would have to remove the body to replace this , so I'll say no.
Depending on the cost you may want to eliminate the OBC and use a regular charger. LVS switchable 36v-48v Chargers are about $240 new.
I'm sure others have done this, so wait for HotRodCarts to post up as he's the best in this category.


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I agree and disagree with dougmcp:

1.) I agree, wait for HRC or someone else with knowledge.

2.) I believe the OBC Absberg2k is refering to is the On-Board Computer, not an on board charger.

Just my


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I am referring to the on board computer.

I have read about bypassing the OBC and using a self regulating charger. That is an option I am considering but thought it would probably be better to replace the OBC if it wasn't too much trouble.

In looking at the wiring diagram, it just looks like there are wires running from the OBC to just about everywhere. I presume they all have to be individually rewired?

Thanks again for all comments.