Can a golf cart pull construction debris up a hill


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I am wondering if a golf cart is the right tool for my situation. I am remodeling a house that it is not possible to drive a car to.

You park at the top of a hill and walk down a 5 foot wide path that is 150 feet long to the house. The path has some parts that have a 20 degree slope. The path is currently dirt (I could pave it if I have to) and has three areas that has a few stairs (I could build some sort of ramp over the stairs).

I want to get the construction debris up the hill some other way than by manpower. My thought is a cart with a trailer.

Will it be hard to find a cart that has enough power to go up the 20 degree slope while pulling construction debris? Any suggestions as to type of cart?

An electric cart would be preferred since I know the neighbors are going to have a fit if I start “driving” on the path).

Is there another type of narrow vehicle that might work better (maybe riding lawn mower?).

Any suggestions where to buy one? It does not need to be fancy (just cheap and powerful). I am in the Seattle area.



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A 20 degree slope should be no problem if you have the traction. I would buy a standard series cart, something like an EZGO between 1995 and 2003. You may have to upgrade the tires, controller and maybe even the motor to accomplish this. Make sure the batteries are in good condition.
Expect to pay $1200 to $2500 plus any mods you need to make. You can find trailers for less than $150 at Harbor Freight.


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absolutly...a series cart is the way to go for what you are looking for. id say doug is right...u may want to also consider HD springs on the back, depending on how much weight you will be hauling. 500amp controller and bigger tires should do the trick.... and definitly good batteries